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Clearwater Waste Management Ltd was incorporated in 2003; Clearwater Recovery systems Ltd. was incorporated in 1996. Clearwater Waste Management is a wholly Canadian-owned and operated waste management company serving the central, Southern, and Northern Alberta Construction, Oilfield, and industrial industries.

Clearwater Waste provides waste removal services for commercial clients. Services include garbage bin delivery and removal, portable toilet delivery, cleaning and removal.  Clearwater waste has three units: two 3- ton trucks and one 1- ton truck employing three full-time drivers. Clearwater Recovery services light plant maintenance.  Services include: delivering fuel to client locations.

Clearwater specializes in prompt, courteous, quality, and efficient service.

Clearwater's mission is to get project managers back to the business of running their business by offering site and project-specific waste management solutions and services quickly and conveniently - and cost-effectively. 

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